Videos: Insanely Simple Book Review – Apple Marketing

I just got finished with the book Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apples Success and I wanted to give a quick review and post some commercials. There are some good takeaways from the book. The book is told from a marketing perspective so it uses stories from the ad campaigns Apple used to win the hearts and minds of the public.


Quick Hits

1. The phrase “beat it with the simple stick” refers to the practice at Apple to remove all complexity and layers from their company and processes.

2. They believe in trusting “a few smart people in a room to get great things done.”

3. From the book you realize Steve Jobs was a very focused ‘jerk’ that got it right most of the time.

4. Their marketing message and products always related with real people.  Making life simpler and more enjoyable for regular people.

The Church

Our churches can learn a lot from the simplicity message.  We need to ask, how can we simplify this process for people in our church?  Do we make people take three steps to accomplish something when it only needs one?  Can we apply simplicity to giving, small groups attendance,  membership, volunteering, etc?  Yes we can.

The Commercials

Listening to the book ( reminded me of some great commercials that Apple has put out over the years.  Here are a few.

Mac vs PC


The Ipod