I Own Two of These and You Should Have at Least One

Do you rent movies from Redbox?  Today their content contains swearing, nudity, sex and over the top gore.  And that’s just the kid’s movies.

Well, I rent the same movies as you and I never see the aforementioned items.  Why?  Because I own Clearplay DVD players.  I download filters onto a usb stick and insert it into the Clearplay DVD player and without any effort, the objectionable items are gone.  You can set the amount of filtering for language, sex, violence, substance abuse, etc.

Example:  I was watching Iron Man with the filters on high for all categories.  The actions scenes were very chopped up, so I stopped the movie. Dialed back the violence filter a bit and resumed playing.  This left in the aggressive action so I could keep the story line going without edits. The other elements, I like to keep on high filtering.


We don’t just own one DVD unit but have a second one for the living room.  Maybe you like all of that stuff in your movies. I don’t. I wasn’t always saved. I came out of darkness.  I like Clearplay. There is a $7.99 membership per month for filter access.  I consider it an investment.

Here is how it works.



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